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Establishing a growth mindset in 2022

January 07, 2022

Establishing a growth mindset in 2022
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Over the last few years, companies have been in survival mode. The focus has been on making it through to the other side of all this unpredictability.
But in 2022, the tide is changing. IT budgets are expected to jump 3.6%, which is the largest increase in a decade.
So, if you work in IT, the question arises: How do you transition from a scarcity mindset to a growth mindset?
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Melanie DelValle, director of customer finance at Ingram Micro, about:
  • Growing investment in the IT industry
  • How to establish a growth mindset
  • Why you should finance rather than pay upfront for technology refreshes

Growing investment

There are two major drivers for this renewed explosion in IT investment:
  • The pandemic sped up technology roadmaps for many businesses.
  • Many businesses have performed well despite the pandemic so they have the money to reinvest in their business.
 Thinking back to 2020, many businesses were in survival mode. With unpredictability around every corner, most companies responded by placing a hold on investments, and consequently, on innovation.
Now, companies are transitioning to a new strategy.
“Companies are investing in their IT infrastructure to be able to drive businesses forward, and ultimately, to make better experiences for all of the consumers of that technology,” Melanie says.

Growth mindset

This transition calls for a new mindset—one focused on growth.
To develop a growth mindset, Melanie believes that you should start with the why.
One useful exercise is the five layers of why. It will help your team understand why you are launching any particular initiative and get everyone aligned on what you want out of it.
“You have to be curious,” she says. “How can you deliver the best customer experience and how can you push forward innovation?”

Financing instead of paying upfront

There’s an evolution occurring in how companies pay for IT solutions.
“Customers are moving from writing a check for something upfront to a solution for it, as they consume it,” Melanie says.
This strategy benefits everyone.
With a strategy focused on financing technology, you have a budget that lends itself to regular technology refreshes. That not only helps free the company from having to manage broken or outdated devices, but it also benefits their clients who now have a regular predictable IT spend.
“They don’t have to be surprised by expenses at critical moments,” Melanie says. “They’re able to focus on driving their business.”
Visit Ingram Micro’s financial solutions page or email the financial solutions team to learn more.
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