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Why automation is on the rise and the function of application controllers

With Donald Scott and Prabhakar Manickam

June 24, 2022

Why automation is on the rise and the function of application controllers
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The demand for automation is rising. As technology and the cloud expand, so does the complexity. With complexity comes the need for sophisticated automation.
To meet the expectations of companies and consumers alike, solutions like AppViewX and Ingram Micro must keep a pulse on the trends.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Donald Scott, director, Emerging Business Group at Ingram Micro, and Prabhakar Manickam (“PM”), multi-cloud application delivery and security at AppViewX, about:
  • The function of application controllers
  • The rise of automation
  • Upcoming trends in technology

The function of application controllers

Application controllers are what sits between users logging onto a website. What does that mean?
“Before the users can access the application itself that sits on the web servers, application delivery controllers sit in the middle, and they perform some critical functionalities such as load balancing, security, SSL orchestration and several other features,” PM explains.
F5 is the world's largest manufacturer of application delivery controllers and is committed to helping its enterprise customers with all things application delivery and security.

The rise of automation

With the increase of complexity within tech, automation has become a paramount investment. AppViewX addresses that need through two form factors: hardware and software, or, as PM puts it, “the virtual editions that you can spin in any other infrastructure like the cloud.”
The expectations from consumers revolve around speed and efficiency on all ends of a website—with a focus on security—and that escapes the bounds of manual capability.
“Customers absolutely are looking to automate. And that is the gap that we fill in that market,” PM shares.

Upcoming trends in technology

Amidst the great resignation, Don believes the focus should be on improving the user and service provider experience.
“Anything we can do to simplify the deployment of technology and the management of that technology, to create a better overall experience,” Don explains. “With the constraint in the market for talent, you need to be able to automate and alleviate the burdens that a lot of these folks were feeling to reduce burnout.”
PM shares two trends he’s seen on the rise:
  • The continuation of the hybrid multi-cloud world taking shape
  • Consumerization of B2B in the form of self-service
 "When you go to Amazon, you don't have somebody you're calling. You go to the service catalog, and you fulfill your request and move ahead on your own terms,” PM explains. “The enterprises are unfortunately far from that. So, consumer experience is a second trend that we are watching closely, and we hope to accelerate that for the rest of the world.”
So far, AppViewX is on track to deliver on those hopes.
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