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Cisco SNTC: Where else can you get a 253% 3-year ROI?

Attaching Cisco Smart Net Total Care yields higher product renewals, better security and more.

December 15, 2022

Cisco SNTC: Where else can you get a 253% 3-year ROI?

For some technology solution providers, selling IT hardware and software is the primary focus, and attaching services is an afterthought. However, if you look at the statistics, you’ll agree that it should be the opposite—services should be top of mind at the beginning of hardware and software sales.

Key metrics and drivers supporting service-based IT businesses

A 2022 report from TSIA found that companies that made the pivot to recurring revenue streams have substantially higher valuations than those that still focus on product-centric, transactional businesses.1 Additionally, if customers receive value during a service interaction, there is an:

  • 82% probability of repurchase or renewal when presented with the chance to switch
  • 86% probability of increasing wallet share
  • 97% probability of sharing positive word of mouth

Make Cisco attach services easier with SNTC

Cisco Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) combines award-winning technical services with an extra level of actionable business intelligence. SNTC delivers insights that help prevent network issues instead of merely responding to them, so you can proactively address requirements across your customers’ physical, virtual and cloud-based environments. The result is better customer service, improving customer loyalty and retention.

IDC’s Business Value Snapshot survey3 revealed a direct correlation between using the SNTC service and customers’ improved ability to run and support their networking and IT environments. They were also able to reduce risk (61% fewer unplanned outages) and increase uptime (89% lower unplanned downtime). The result was that staff could spend nearly 2.5x more time on innovation. Additionally, the Cisco SNTC service boasts an average of 4 months to breakeven, a 253% 3-year ROI and more.

Quoting and ordering Cisco services through Ingram Micro

The Ingram Micro team is here to make the process easy and seamless. We’ll start by helping you determine which Cisco services best address your customers’ needs. Then we’ll manage the quoting, ordering and contracts for you, always ensuring you and your customers are getting the most value from your service option. So contact the Ingram Micro Cisco Services team and schedule a consultation today at (800) 456-8000, ext. 76475, or via email.

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