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What’s new in Webex Calling?

Shared line appearance and call presence synchronization are just a few new features.

January 03, 2023

What’s new in Webex Calling?

Collaboration tools have become the foundational technologies for work, education and our personal lives. The latest research from MarketsandMarkets projects this market will grow from $10.6 billion in 2022 to $19.1 billion by 2027, a CAGR of 12.6%.

Cisco continues to invest in this competitive arena, adding several new features to Webex in 2022. Here are a few highlights:

Webex Calling integration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams users are getting a wholly reimagined integration, delivering a comprehensive Webex experience natively within the Teams interface. The new interface (watch a short demo here) is accessible directly from the Teams sidebar. It provides users immediate access to enterprise calling tools like dialer, speed dial, call history, voicemail, presence and call settings. Teams users can also make and receive calls with the live call window experience, including Webex noise removal technology, mid-call controls and sharing.

Support for shared line appearance on the Webex app

This feature allows the Control Hub administrator to assign shared line appearances to the end user’s Webex app to support a fixed number of assignable lines in the Webex app. It also allows administrators to provision a user’s line with a shared line appearance on the Webex app.

Webex Calling for Chrome (Preview)

Webex Calling for Chrome enables users to access the Webex Calling experience directly from the Chrome browser without needing a separate desktop application. Coming soon as an extension in the Chrome Web Store, Webex Calling for Chrome will also feature an intuitive, browser-based softphone. The floating Webex Calling for Chrome softphone looks and feels like a desktop application with features like click-to-call, extension dialing, directory integration and live presence, all through a Chrome extension that eliminates the need to switch between applications.

Group Call Management

Group Call Management supports the needs of calling teams, or groups, that handle time-sensitive operations. Think of internal help desks, for IT, or HR, for example. Or these could be outward-facing groups taking calls from customers, clients or patients. These features are easy to use as they are built right into the Webex app and Cisco multiplatform phones (MPPs), along with ease of administration via Control Hub. In addition, it’s included as part of the Professional Webex Calling subscription at no extra cost.

Site Survivability for Webex Calling

Site Survivability is a solution for Webex Calling customers that ensures that customers can continue making and receiving calls in the event their Webex Calling cloud service is interrupted. This feature is expected to be available to Webex Calling customers in Q1 2023 via a Survivability Gateway that can be managed from Control Hub.

If you’re looking for expert advice and consultation on creating a technology solution (such as Webex Calling) for your client, Ingram Micro’s Business Transformation Center (BTC) is an invaluable resource. The BTC provides education (Here’s a recent Webex Calling overview from Ingram Micro Sr. Solution Center Technical Engineer Matthew White) and demonstrations on various manufacturers and technologies in an environment designed to support real-world scenarios. Contact your Ingram Micro market development specialist or contact the BTC.

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