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Unified communications needed a standards-based approach to solution selling. It’s here now.

January 17, 2022

Unified communications needed a standards-based approach to solution selling. It’s here now.
For every threat, there’s an opportunity. In the case of the pandemic, the move to working from home (WFH) required many organizations to implement a unified communications solution to support communications between employees and customers. “The dynamic of UCC has changed over the past two years,” says Chad Simon, Ingram Micro’s UCC expert. “The importance of employees being able to communicate with one another and customers has been brought to the forefront, and there’s no going back to the way things were.” Data from Infinium Global Research supports this claim. Its research shows that the unified communications and collaboration (UCC) industry will grow at a CAGR of 25.9% from 2021-2027.

To assist its partners in more efficiently tapping into this potential, Ingram Micro is in the process of rolling out a new methodology for a standards-based approach to UCC sales and implementation.

With no previous industry standards or best practices for approaching UCC solution building, Ingram Micro hopes that solution providers can provide more holistic UCC strategies going forward while leaving fewer opportunities on the table and less revenue unearned. Of course, creating a secure, dependable and comprehensive solution requires the right UCC strategy.

Want to sell more unified communications? Start with Ingram Micro’s PLANS.

Here’s what that approach looks like:
  • Platform – The backbone of any UCC system is the platform that drives communications with IP telephony calling, chat, audioconferencing, videoconferencing and more.
  • Location – With today’s WFH trend showing no signs of stopping, all UCC solutions going forward should be built to work in home offices, mobile offices, huddle rooms and even in vehicles. It’s critical to provide the same functionality and experience to all users, anytime and anywhere, regardless of location.
  • Accessories and Endpoints – Ingram Micro has a long history of providing best-in-class accessories and endpoints such as headsets and phones. This focus will remain in place, albeit with a renewed focus on how those endpoints are part of a more comprehensive solution.
  • Network – Intelligent edge devices such as session border controllers (SBCs) play an essential role in ensuring UCC traffic is prioritized and optimized for the best performance. As a result, solution providers that don’t offer SBCs and related networking infrastructure are missing out on a significant opportunity and potentially giving their customers less-than-ideal solutions.
  • Services – As the leading UCC distributor, Ingram Micro can leverage its position to help small solution providers tap into solutions and services previously unavailable. Other distributors and some platform companies work on scales that prevent smaller solution providers from getting involved. Additionally, larger solution providers can benefit as well by supplementing their offerings with Ingram Micro’s services such as voice and video readiness assessments and more.
The UCC industry will be seeing and hearing more about PLANS in the coming months. The goal is to use the framework to highlight all the essential pieces that make up a complete UCC solution. A missing letter from the acronym equals missed opportunity and potential shortcomings in a solution.

“By rolling out our PLANS initiative, Ingram Micro’s holistic approach to UC will drive value and exponentially improve our ability to provide your customers with unique, customized and secure solutions designed to support them in any environment,” concludes Simon.

The PLANS initiative is currently rolling out. For more information, contact the UCC team today.